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Reliability Assessment and Optimal Placement of Switches in Electric Power Distribution System by Using PSO

Reliable electric power supply is a pillar perquisite for technological, social, political and economic development of any nation. Modernization and developing in every aspect without reliable electric power supply is un predictable. Here in our country Ethiopian has a serious power interruption problem because of unwanted very high outage frequency and longtime system restoration. Due to this, utilities must strive and ensure that the customer’s reliability requirements are met and the regulators requirements satisfied at the lowest possible cost. In this paper the reliability assessment is done on both 15kV Ankober electric power system to assess the performance of the existing system and also predictive reliability improvement for the future system considering distribution system reconfiguration (optimal coordination of switches) and by de. For predictive reliability and power quality improvement binary particle swarm optimization has been applied which delivers optimal number and optimal placement of switches on the selected The placement of switches in strategic places reduces the outage time in case of interruption, and improves the reliability of the network. There are many measures to assess the reliability of distribution network. The most common measures are expected outage cost (ECOST), system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI), system average interruption duration index (SAIDI), in this paper the focus of reliability measure is the impact of energy not supplied and its cost. To solve the problem of number of sectionalizes switches allocation a binary particle swarm optimization (BPSO) method has been selected. To illustrate the performance a proposed algorithm, an actual 15kV Ankober feeder of Debre Berhan distribution system was selected as the test system. As the result the optimal number and placement of sectionalizes switches changed from S8, S18, S22, and S26 to [S13, S19, S21, S26, S31, S33, S35, S39, S42] and the existing energy not supplied (EENS) can be improved 391.705 kW to 306.4322 kW.

Distribution System Reliabity Assessment, Sectionalizer Switches, PSO

APA Style

Desta Tegegne Asradew. (2022). Reliability Assessment and Optimal Placement of Switches in Electric Power Distribution System by Using PSO. American Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 6(2), 81-90.

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Desta Tegegne Asradew. Reliability Assessment and Optimal Placement of Switches in Electric Power Distribution System by Using PSO. Am. J. Electr. Comput. Eng. 2022, 6(2), 81-90. doi: 10.11648/j.ajece.20220602.14

AMA Style

Desta Tegegne Asradew. Reliability Assessment and Optimal Placement of Switches in Electric Power Distribution System by Using PSO. Am J Electr Comput Eng. 2022;6(2):81-90. doi: 10.11648/j.ajece.20220602.14

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